Transports during GO Football 

GO Football provides internal bus lines during the cup (Wednesday-Sunday). The buses run between venues and accommodations  according to the bus schedule with the goal that you will not need any other form of transport for the cup's regular activities.

Different bus lines gives you the possibility to travel to different parts of Gothenburg and are everything you need for transport between accommodation, food and venues. The bus line is included in the participation fee and can otherwise be purchased for SEK 149/participant. If additional relatives or acquaintances are interesting in traveling on the busses please contact

Bus lines 

Bus lines for the cup will be published here in the autumn of 2022. Participant cards / bands are valid as tickets on the buses. Stops are marked with signs and will be available on a map before the start of the cup. 


GO Football provides transfer between boat and train (GBG C) to and from the accommodations  both during arrival and departure. SEK 500/team.

Booking is made via "My Team" when you register your team for the tournament and log in to your site, or via email to For transport from the airport, please contact us for an offer.