It says that the tournament is played 1/11-3/11. When do the matches start? 

The matches start no earlier than Friday 1/11 09:00. Thursday 31/10 is the day of arrival and you are welcome to check in at schools and hotel, but no matches are played that day. If you wish for a late first match on Friday, please contact us at  Please note that we can not provide any guarantees, but hopefully there is the opportunity to satisfy such requests. 

How are the transports done during the cup? Do you have your own buses? 

The participant card that is awarded on arrival is used as a ticket on the buses. In 2023, there will be the possibility of transport with internal bus lines.

What happens if the cup is canceled due to covid-19? 

If the cup is canceled, all registration fees will be refunded. 

How do I buy a taco buffet or an extra transport card? 

You can buy all additions as products through your team account. You use the login information you received via registration and log in via the tournament website. Once there, you can book all products. Your total cost is updated immediately and you can see all payments needed. You can also send an e-mail with your order. 

I'm looking for the GAIS Open. What happened to that tournament? 

GAIS Open = GO Football. After 2021, the tournament management chose to change the name of the cup to GO Football with the hope of building a stronger brand. Do not worry, the cup is the same, only a little bit better. In the coming years, the goal is to develop and offer more tournament options. 

How do I know if my team belongs to an elite or regular class? 

It is of great importance for GO Football that all teams that register get good and even matches. We ask teams that feel insecure to contact us at for advice. A tip can be to check through previous years' results and see if there are any teams you have met and perhaps are equal to. The cup administration perform controls of all registered teams in elite classes.